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Facebook Success Summit

2011 Facebook Success Summit is Selling Out!

Michael Stelzner has been a friend, mentor and colleague for quite some time. We recently interviewed Michael on the Marketing Tech Radio show and it was a great conversation for any company hoping to leverage content to build their business.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of participating in the Blogging Success Summit with Michael. His team puts on an incredible event – from the comfort of your own desk! No hotels, no airfare… just sit down and learn. Now he’s repeating the success with a Facebook Marketing Success Summit.

Over 400 tickets have already been sold to the the summit!

About a year a half ago Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner) started a Facebook page for his blog that targeted marketers and small business owners. He also integrated core Facebook functionality into his website. Almost overnight, a large and loyal community emerged on his Facebook page.

He was skeptical at first. But now he has more than 50,000 active Facebook fans. And Facebook is the number two source of traffic to his website. Facebook was instrumental in generating 1.7 million dollars in sales for his business last year. Michael’s story is not unique. More than 10,000 websites are integrating Facebook functionality every day! With 750 million active users, Facebook offers an incredible opportunity for marketers.

Your customers (and prospects) are using Facebook every day. It’s a new marketing frontier because Facebook bypasses all the costly middlemen and allows you to engage directly with your customers and prospects! AND this presents an enormous opportunity for you.

19 Pros Help You Master Facebook Marketing

Join Guy Kawasaki (author, Enchantment), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media), Paul Dunay (co-author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies), Jesse Stay (author, Facebook Application Development for Dummies), Robert Scoble (co-author, Naked Conversations), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner), experts from Intuit, PETCO, Applebees and Intel; Jay Baer (co-author, The Now Revolution), Chris Treadaway (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies) and Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies)–just to name a few. Visit the Facebook Success Summit page for additional information.

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