B-to-B Customer Customer Experience Summit

B-to-B Customer Customer Experience Summit

When: to
Where: Hilton Bayfront Hotel​​​, 1 Park Boulevard​, San Diego, CA 92101​​​

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Focused on the latest and best customer strategies for B-to-B companies, this two-day event looks to the future to help companies go beyond customer listening to become more intelligent about their customers. The conference will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at sharing best practices to improve the way companies drive business success through customer insights and intelligence.

The event will feature two themes – “Customers 2020” and “Driving Results,” as well as a host of relevant topics for B-to-B organizations, and a dynamic lineup of perspectives from corporate executives, customer experience leaders, industry analysts, and members of media.

Topics Covered:

In addition to these, a number of workshops will be conducted on relevant topics to include:

  • Big data – Making the most of an abundance of customer data.
  • Journey mapping – Best practices for mapping customer experiences in B-to-B companies.
  • Beyond surveys – Identifying the best new sources of customer insights.
  • Predictive analytics – Innovative new methods for predicting customer behaviors and anticipating customer needs.
  • Customer metrics – Satisfaction, loyalty, Net Promoter, and others – discovering the best KPIs for B-to-B customer relationships.
  • Customer-focused culture – Best practices in building customer-centricity into the fabric of an organization.
  • ROI of Customer Intelligence – Frameworks for validating the impact of customer initiatives.
  • Technology Tools – Identifying the best tools to accelerate the use of customer insights.
  • Process Improvement – Putting customer intelligence to work to reduce cost and improve service.
  • Securing Buy-in – Getting the necessary support and resources for customer intelligence initiatives.
  • Engaging Employees – Best practices for promoting customer strategies within the company.
  • Customer Insights Everywhere – Delivering customer information that prompts action and results across the company.
  • Cloud Customers – Addressing the new challenges of companies offering cloud-based services.
  • Voice of the Partner – Strategies for strengthening relationships with channel partners and distributors.

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