Email Insights: How to Research Your Email Competition


When do your competitors send their emails? What do those emails look like? What kind of subject lines do they use? What are the most popular email newsletters in your industry? These are the kinds of questions that can be answered using Email Insights, a tool for email marketers to research the most popular email newsletters and/or your competition. Email Insights already has the most … Continue reading

Mail Tester: A Free Tool to Check Your Email Newsletter Against Common SPAM Issues


We’ve been monitoring our email inbox percentages with our partners at 250ok and getting some great results. I wanted to dig in a little deeper to the actual construction of our email and found a great tool called mail tester. Mail tester provides you with a unique email address that you can send your newsletter to and then they provide you an quick analysis of … Continue reading

Is Marketing Really Changing Radically?

Marketing web strategy chart arrow illustration

This infographic pulls together some great results from a Accenture’s CMO Insights of 2014, but I’m afraid that it opens with a dramatic title that’s misrepresented. It states: 78% of Respondents Agree that marketing is expected to undergo radical changes over the next 5 years. Respectfully, I disagree. Marketing is evolving and digital is in the forefront of most strategies. Budgets are shifting, social and … Continue reading

Mailtrack: Track Your Gmail Opens using this Chrome Plugin

Track Gmail Opens

Have you ever wondered whether or not someone opened the email you sent using Gmail? You can use Mailtrack to do just that. Mailtrack is a Chrome plugin that adds a tracking pixel to your outgoing message. When your recipient opens your email, the image is requested and Mailtrack registers the open, indicating that it’s been seen with a checkmark in your Gmail interface. This … Continue reading

Vero: Email Automation and Remarketing


Vero is an email marketing automation service that is focused on increasing user conversion and retention. Using targeted emails you can generate increased revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Marketing Technology Blog readers can get 45% off of a 6 month subscription of the Vero Small plan by using our affiliate link! Vero Email Marketing Includes Individual customer profiles – Track data about your customers in … Continue reading

Optimized Marketing: Why You Should Align Brand Segmentation to Activation & Reporting

brand segmentation

With high volumes of data created across multiple marketing channels, brands are challenged to organize and active the right data assets to maximize cross-channel performance. To better understand your target audience, drive more sales, and reduce marketing waste, you need to align your brand segmentation with digital activation and reporting. You must align the why they purchase with the who that buys (audience segmentation) to … Continue reading

What is Expressed versus Implied Permission?

expressed versus implied permission

Canada is taking a stab at improving its regulations on SPAM and the guidelines that businesses must abide by when sending their email communications with the new Canada Anti-SPAM Legislation (CASL). From deliverability experts that I’ve spoken to, the legislation isn’t all that clear – and personally I think it’s strange that we have national governments interfering with global issues. Imagine when we get a … Continue reading

Signal: Grow with Email, Text, Social and Sweepstakes


BrightTag, a cloud-based marketing platform for Internet retailers, has purchased Signal. Signal is a centralized marketing hub for cross channel marketing via email, SMS and social media. Signal features include: Email newsletters – pre-built, mobile-optimized email templates to use or create your own. Text messaging – launch an effective program and be compliant with mobile carrier requirements. Social media publishing – publish your status on … Continue reading