The Disrupter in Marketing Automation

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When I recently wrote about the past, present and future of marketing, one area of focus was marketing automation. I spoke about how the industry was truly split. There are low-end solutions that require you to match their processes in order to be successful. These aren’t inexpensive… many costs thousands of dollars per month and basically require you to retool how your company works to match their methodology. I believe this spells disaster for many companies… who are successful because the process they had worked far better. The high-end solutions … Continue reading

Infographic: Men vs. Women Online Shopping

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Who likes gender assumptions? I do… I do… mostly because everything that talks about gray, divorced fat guys in their 40s is spot on with my lifestyle. I’m a typical hunter when it comes to shopping… I want, I get, I get out of there. My research starts typically after I open the box and find out I bought something I didn’t need, want, or understand. I’m a single father who lives with a 19 year old daughter, Katie, who is one of the most incredible shoppers I’ve ever seen. … Continue reading

How to Plan Your New Web Site

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website development project on whiteboard

We’ve all been there… your site needs a refresh. Either your business has rebranded, the site has become stale and old, or it’s simply not converting visitors the way you need it too. Our clients come to us to increase conversions and we often have to take a step back and redevelop their entire web presences from branding through to content. How do we do it? A web site is broken up into 6 key strategies, which should be detailed so you know where you’re coming from and what your … Continue reading

Contactually: Maximize Your Network ROI

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Managing the relationship with your prospects and clients is most of the battle when it comes to retention and acquisition. While a return on investment is fantastic for our clients, helping them with ideation, platform advice, and even being a connector for industry news, competitive research, other vendors and job applicants is often just as important and valuable to them. The typical CRM has the ability to record your team’s touchpoints – but doesn’t necessarily drive the nuturing home. Contactually aims to help businesses follow up with the right people, … Continue reading

Serchen: Your Cloud App Ratings and Reviews Site

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The Serchen marketplace services over 10,000 vendors and millions of buyers annually. Their goal is to produce a great database of ratings and reviews that will connect buyers and sellers with the best cloud services and software in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS categories. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client typically … Continue reading

Infographic: The Email and Social Media Jugalbandi

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We recently published an inbound marketing crash course that provides 5 emails sent weekly (subscribe on the tab on our agency site). One of the series of emails focuses totally on email marketing, which we refer to the linchpin of any inbound marketing effort. The creative team at Email Monks have produced this infographic which shows the coupling… or jugalbandi… of email and social and how the two channels support one another. A jugalbandi or jugalbandhi is a performance in Indian classical music, especially the Hindustani classical music, that features … Continue reading

Serving is the New Selling

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Serving is the New Selling | Marketing Tech Blog

I attended an Indianapolis AMA luncheon where Joel Book spoke about Marketing to the Power of One. His presentation contained a plethora of great information around using digital marketing to serve customers more effectively. Although, there were several takeaways from the program, there was one that stuck with me. The notion that: serving is the new selling. Basically, the idea that helping a customer is more effective than constantly trying to sell to them. How can that apply to your email marketing campaigns? Send out helpful emails that serve a … Continue reading

The Past, Present, and Future of Online Marketing

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One of the fascinating elements of working in new media is that our tools and capabilities are moving as rapidly as the innovation of hardware, bandwidth and platforms. Many moons ago, while working in the newspaper industry, it was such a challenge to measure or predict response rates on advertisements. We overcompensated every effort by simply throwing more and more numbers at it. The bigger the top of the funnel, the better the bottom. Database marketing hit and we were able to merge external behavioral, customer and demographic data to … Continue reading

The Right Tool for Influencer or Journalist Outreach

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Find Influencers

Meltwater has been a great sponsor for our blog. We did an international webinar with them on social listening that was jam packed and had a huge response from (you can watch the recording here). And we’re about ready to release our first infographic with them! The sponsorship is focused on their News and Buzz products for traditional and social listening, respectively, but I wanted to bring up an aspect of their News product for Public Relations professionals that makes my life as an influencer a ton easier… Most of … Continue reading