Video: #Socialnomics 2014

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#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman is the fifth version of the most watched video series on Social Media. This year’s video denotes the critical mass between social, mobile and the explosion of millennial usage. We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it. Erik Qualman One key factor on this is that 20% of the terms typed into a search bar have never been searched before – supporting the need for a robust content marketing program where combinations of articles, … Continue reading

Marketing Automation for the Customer Journey

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Marketing Automation for the Customer Journey

In the digital world, it’s imperative that we track a variety of different metrics in order to gain full visibility into the whole marketing landscape. And most marketers have advanced systems in place so that they can gain this visibility. Specifically, most marketing organizations utilize marketing automation to help them with their marketing efforts, tracking, and campaigns. But, are they simply using these software solutions to give them stats, or are they applying it as well? Customers can decide where, when, and how they want to interact with brand. This … Continue reading

Infographic: The A to Z Guide to Personal Branding

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As I grow older, I’m beginning to figure out that a key indicator of my business success is the value of the network I keep and maintain. It’s why I spend a ton of time each year networking, speaking and attending conferences. The value that’s generated by my immediate network, and my network’s network probably makes up 95% of the overall revenue and success that my business realizes. That’s the result of over ten years of effort I’ve made to assisting folks like you find and utilize technology to assist … Continue reading

Infographic: Trends in Recruiting Content Marketers

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We’ve been blessed at our agency with great relationships with content marketing professionals – from editorial teams at enterprise companies, to offshore researchers and bloggers, to freelance thought leadership writers and everyone in between. It took a decade to put together the right resources and takes time to match the right writer to the right opportunity. We’ve thought about hiring a writer several times – but our partners do such an incredible job we’d never match their expertise! And great content writers are in demand right now. Kapost recently published … Continue reading

Infographic: The Rise of Video Marketing

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The average Internet user is likely to watch roughly 206 videos each month. Based on that statistic, it may not surprise you to read that almost 70% of marketers now incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. In the following infographic, Wyzowl – a company that creates animated videos – makes the case for developing and sharing video as part of your overall content marketing strategy. Videos are 4 times more engaging than static content, drive people to conversion faster, and the information retained in 60 seconds of video is the … Continue reading

Infographic: Improving Sales Proposal Effectiveness

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In a world where there are so many different options and all the information available to us with a quick search and click, the sales cycle has gotten longer over the past decade. In fact, the average sales cycle is 22% longer than it was five years ago. What gives? Our sales proposal automation sponsor, TinderBox, actually did a study with Miller Heiman and the Sales Management Association to find out what challenges sales organizations are facing with sales proposals and their sales cycles. One of the main goals of the … Continue reading

Infographic: Social Media is a Gold Mine for Insurance Marketing

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At Social Media Marketing World this year, return on investment was a common thread throughout many of the sessions and discussions at the conference. LeadSift is a platform that enables social selling by listening and delivering potential leads to companies. In this example, LeadSift gathered insights from more than 3.7 million tweets and a series of research studies to show the potential of social selling within the insurance industry. One of the most powerful aspects of social media is the series of trends and patterns that are created from big … Continue reading

Trust, Social Media and Sponsoring Passion

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cheryl viirand

Last year when I attended Social Media Marketing World, I had the most incredible conversations with Cheryl Viirand, founder of Freedible. Cheryl’s story is nothing short of amazing – she’s an attorney who worked on some of the technology industry’s largest acquisitions turned food evangelist. The transition happened when Cheryl suffered some disastrous and undiagnosed illnesses personally and with her child. At issue were food allergies and sensitivities that were devastating her life and her child’s life. At the time of the event, I was under immense stress – I … Continue reading

The Blurry Lines of Marketing Return on Investment

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Dial it in

Yesterday, I did a did a session at Social Media Marketing World called How to Shift From Growing Followers to Producing Results With Social Media. I’m often a contrarian to the advice that’s continually pushed in this industry… even leaning a bit on the controversial. The genuine premise is that businesses continue to look for fan and follower growth in social media – but they do a really terrible job of converting the amazing audience or community that’s already in place. Within the session, I even went so far as … Continue reading