Inbound Marketing with “The Content Marketing Manifesto”

Inbound Marketing with “The Content Marketing Manifesto”
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It can be challenging to communicate and quantify all the benefits of content marketing to the C-Suite and even some marketers. Even more difficult is explaining the strategic and tactical nuances across multiple types of media and platforms. Content marketing is not as simple as publishing a blog post every day in order to show up on the first page of Google.

The Content Marketing Manifesto

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Because of these challenges, we’ve written The Content Marketing Manifesto. It’s intended to empower the C-Suite with the knowledge it needs to decide whether or not to include a robust content strategy in its marketing plan. The ebook also lays out a 22-step checklist for marketers currently or soon to be deploying content marketing as part of a broader inbound strategy.

Included in the content marketing ebook:

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • 4 Tactical Reasons to Deploy Content Marketing
  • The Content Marketing Landscape
    • Organizational Goals
    • Measurement Criteria
    • Spending
    • Impact of Blogging
  • Content Marketing by the Numbers (traffic and lead trends over 37 months)
    • Organic Search
    • Social Media
    • Direct
    • Referrals
  • The 22 C’s of Content Marketing

If brands don’t tell their story, someone else will. In fact, it’s probably being told online right now. Brands should take the lead in telling their own story in order to shape reputation, build positive sentiment and equity, and encourage profitable consumer action. The content marketing ebook can be downloaded now for free and will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Nook very soon.