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Using Content Marketing Strategies in B2B Emails

There are times when marketers closely follow convention and I think it’s a great idea. For instance, having help or content links on the top right of your site, next or submit buttons on the bottom right, and centering sites to accommodate varying viewports. At other times, it really doesn’t make sense though and I believe this Infographic provides a great example.

Business to Business (B2B) emails are often a single topic, single call-to-action campaign. But they need not be – GetResponse has published this infographic on Using Content Marketing Strategies in B2B Emails.

Understand who your customers are and what they need, then illustrate how you can be the solution to that need.

Businesses are always looking for great content – and perhaps you should look no further than elements that are already in place on your site. Customer testimonials, case studies, videos, whitepapers, research, statistics and even infographics are highly compelling pieces of content that can drive an increase in click-throughs and conversions.


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