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5 Great SEO Tactics That Struggling Musicians Can Use

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So you’re a musician who’s looking to make a statement online and you’re thinking about making search engine optimization (SEO) techniques work for you? If that’s the case, then be advised that, while there is no magic bullet in search engine optimization, it’s also not hard  to improve your search visibility within Google and Bing. Here are five effective SEO techniques for musicians to improve search engine visibility. 1. Blogging Blogging is a great way to get noticed by the search engines. Just make sure that your website is registered … Continue reading

6 Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Analytics Software

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Analytics Software

A well-crafted business intelligence (BI) software solution is crucial for any organization that wants to determine the ROI of their online endeavors. Whether it’s project tracking, an email marketing campaign, or forecasting, a company cannot thrive without tracking areas of growth and opportunity through reporting. Analytics software will only cost time and money if it doesn’t capture accurate snapshots of how a business is performing. Take a look at these six reasons to drop one analytics software in favor of a more effective one. 1. Confusing user interface Before committing … Continue reading

How to do Effective Local SEO on a Budget

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Yext directories

Over time, SEO has become tougher and more rigorous, but should that necessarily mean more expensive? Not all companies that need SEO services are Internet-based or IT-related. In fact, the majority are small, local businesses that serve a specific geographic area. These folks need local SEO rather than traditional, national SEO. Local businesses and individuals — dentists, plumbers, apparel stores, electronic shops —don’t really have a pressing need to rank highly on global searches to attract clients from the other side of the planet, or even out of their own … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Loved

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customer service love

Customer service best practices require a lot more than a smile, although that’s certainly a good start. Happy customers lead to repeat business, increased positive reviews (which boosts local SEO), and increased social signals with positive sentiment (which boots overall organic search visibility), and no company can exist without their customers. Here are five easy ways to ensure your customers feel loved. 1. Ask the Right Questions Every company should ask this question daily: What can be done to make things easier for the customer? It might be online live … Continue reading

How to Maximize Audience Engagement and Acquire Feedback

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social media

Creating a buzz around a business and getting your target audience interested in your products or services is the first step to building a loyal community. In the short-term, this can lead to increased traffic and sales. In the long-term, this can establish a legion of brand ambassadors who function much like a team of guerilla marketers. Since winning over the hearts of your demographic is heavily dependent upon audience engagement, it’s important to utilize effective engagement practices and get feedback. Here are some tips that will help you crush … Continue reading

Penguin 2.0: Four Facts You Should Know

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Penguin 2.0

It’s happened. With one blog post, the rollout of an algorithm, and a couple hours of processing, Penguin 2.0 has been unleashed. The Internet will never be the same. Matt Cutts published a brief post on the topic on May 22, 2013. Here are four key points that you should know about Penguin 2.0 1.  Penguin 2.0 affected 2.3% of all English-US queries.  Lest 2.3% sound to you like a smallish number, keep in mind that there are an estimated 5 billion Google searches per day. 2.3% of 5 billion is … Continue reading

5 Benefits of Adding an Infographic to Your Site

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history of infographics

People are driven by images and videos, and it’s about time infographics got the respect they deserved. They’re more than just a pretty image; they have what it takes to go viral as well as improve brand awareness, social signals, and media buzz. Infographics pack a lot of punch into an image and can be used to illustrate a point and cleanly tie facts together. What really boosts their value is the fact that they are easily shared on social media sites, giving them the potential to go viral. Any … Continue reading

5 Insights Social Data Can Reveal for Your Business

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social media insights

With social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook on the meteoric rise, companies are beginning to incorporate data collected from these social sites and their users into many aspects of their business from marketing to internal Human Resources issues – and with good reason. The sheer volume of social media data makes it incredibly difficult to analyze. However, various data services are popping up to answer the challenge of making sense of all this potentially advantageous consumer information. Here are five insights social data can provide for businesses. Real-time … Continue reading

Five Ways Responsive Design is Changing SEO

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Responsive Design & SEO

Responsive design is obviously a big deal; such a big deal that Mashable has hailed 2013 as “the year of responsive design.” Most web professionals understand this — responsive design is changing the way that the Internet looks, feels, and works. There’s something less obvious going on, though. Responsive design also changes SEO. When we look beyond the CSS of responsive design, we see a major shift in search practices that is exerting an impact on both mobile and desktop searches. What are the SEO issues brought about by the advent of … Continue reading