About Adam Small

Adam is the CEO of a mobile marketing company, Connective Mobile, offering mobile marketing solutions and integration. Connective Mobile works with clients in the restaurant/retail, real estate and conferences/events industries. Adam also is CEO of a real estate marketing platform, called Digital Home Info.

Are You Following these Text Messaging Best Practices?


We’ve been watching the demand for our text messaging services gradually increase over the last year. The email inbox is clogged so marketers are looking to text messaging to provide a push message that’s timely with their offer. Text Message Marketing Best Practices covers 8 of the most important best practices that all businesses and organizations should follow when using text message marketing. Text Messaging … Continue reading

Content Marketing for Real Estate


When we built Digital Home Info combining sites, IDX integration, tours, mobile tours, video tours, email marketing, SMS messaging and print, we knew that content marketing was key to driving more sales to agents. And, not surprisingly, our agents that leverage the platform fully see the greatest response and close rates. Content marketing isn’t merely a buzzword or some unproven, experimental marketing strategy: it actually … Continue reading

Mobile APPeal – Exploring the Mobile Landscape

Mobile Appeal

More smartphone apps than babies? Something about that seems a little frightening… and awesome at the same time. In reviewing the landscape of applications, there appears to be a ton of games, but business productivity apps are lagging behind. I’m sure you’re going to see these numbers match up closer in the future, though, as more and more enterprise companies adopt mobile strategies as part … Continue reading

How to Use SMS to Win Love, Leads, Revenue

Text Messaging Infographic

Text messaging has been a foundation of our success with our real estate marketing platform. When a property gets a visitor, they request information via text from a sign we post on their lawn. When the response is provided with a mobile tour and realtor information, the realtor is immediately notified and can call the visitor to see if they need help. Simply put, our … Continue reading

2012 Internet & Mobile Trends

2012 Mobile Internet

Background Check has developed this infographic providing stats on the growth of mobile and internet usage. The numbers aren’t just amazing. A deeper look at these numbers provides insight that the global economy is scaling up quickly and resources throughout the world are adopting the technologies necessary for collaboration and productivity. For companies, that means that there’s a growing, global marketplace for your goods and … Continue reading

Mobile Shopping Habits Around the World

Global Mobile Commerce

The transition to making purchases online via a mobile device isn’t just growing, it’s exploding. If your retail business is online but not mobile-enabled, you’re absolutely hurting your sales by ignoring a ravenous and growing group of consumers. The investment in a mobile web solution and mobile/tablet applications has to be top on your priority list if you haven’t done it already. Mobify analyzed the … Continue reading

What Works in Mobile Rich Media Advertising?

Rich Media Mobile Advertising

Mobile growth is unrelenting and indisputable. However, within the realm of mobile marketing strategies, the wave of high bandwidth smartphones are bringing some lucrative results when it comes to rich media advertising. This infographic from Celtra reflects engagement data from nearly 60 handset and tablet campaigns across 4 industries: entertainment, retail, finance and auto. Key metrics include: Engagement rates, expand and click-through rates, an in-depth … Continue reading

Mobile and Your Supercharged Sales Force

Mobile Sales Enablement

If you’ve got a strong outbound sales force, chances are that they have huge inefficiencies in the sales process. Many outbound sales managers find their teams traveling, capturing and pushing information more than they are selling. Mobilizing your sales force is taking on new meaning nowadays. Providing your team with mobile or tablet applications that allow them to collect data, access information, and even propose … Continue reading