250ok: The Inbox Placement Alternative to Return Path

250ok: The Inbox Placement Alternative to Return Path
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Over 85% of the world’s email traffic is considered malicious, making it much more difficult for valid email marketers to get their messages to the inbox. In some cases, being blacklisted can cause up to 70+% (maybe more depending on where you send mail to) of your email to be rejected or placed in the Spam/Junk/Bulk folder. Over 20% of legitimate email goes missing.

For quite some time, options were both limited and very expensive for large email senders to measure their inbox placement rate (IPR). Until now! 250ok is helping to revolutionize the email deliverability industry, one successfully delivered message at a time. Their tools help companies quickly identify issues so they can adjust their strategic and tactical plans; resulting in improved results and increased ROI.

Email has always been one of the best channels in our digital marketing efforts. When it comes to protecting our brand’s reputation and identifying deliverability issues before it’s too late, we needed a best in class solution. That solution was 250ok! – Peter Lazarz – Director of Marketing, Angie’s List

250ok (the receipt code provided in a successful message transfer) was designed and built by one of the industry’s leading experts, resulting in innovative products that outperform the competition. They’re built for efficiency and scale so they can easily support your rapidly expanding needs.

250ok Inbox Placement and Deliverability Products

  • Blacklist Informant™ – Monitors IPs and/or domains against various public blacklists
  • Inbox Informant™ – Measures Inbox placement at mailbox providers around the world

If your company is concerned about deliverability, email is mission critical, you have a private domain or sender authentication package… you should contact 250ok for a demo.

What is Inbox Placement Rate?

The inbox placement rate is a deliverability benchmark that is used to determine what percentage of emails reach the intended subscriber’s inbox in permission-based email marketing. Marketers are focusing on inbox placement rate as a key metric instead of determining deliverability based only on email bounce rates.