Thank You!

Thank You!
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I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving… healthy and exceptional children, fantastic friends, and a dream job. As for my blog, the person I owe the most thanks to is YOU! Here is a list of commentors on my blog (in order of number of comments!). Your engagement in this blog is the driving force behind the quality of content that I try to put here day after day.

  1. Mike Schinkel
  2. modifoo
  3. Martin Weiss
  4. Steven Hodson
  5. engtech
  6. Ade
  7. JD
  8. AL
  9. Brandon Wood
  10. William Tully
  11. Sterling Camden
  12. TechZ
  13. Martin
  14. Patric Welch
  15. Small Business Marketing
  16. Duane Brown
  17. Dean Taplin
  18. Yvonne
  19. Derek
  20. Thor Schrock
  21. Julie Hunter
  22. Pat Coyle
  23. Nick Halstead
  24. Tony Chung
  25. Blog Bloke

If you’re wondering how I did this, I ran the following SQL statement against my wordpress database:
SELECT CONCAT('>li>>a href="',`comment_author_url`,'">',`comment_author`,'>/a>>li>') FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_approved` = 1 AND comment_author_url >>'' AND comment_author >>'Douglas Karr' AND comment_type = '' GROUP BY `comment_author`, `comment_author_email` ORDER BY COUNT(`comment_ID`) DESC